Saturday, January 3, 2009

Are you a PUMPER!?

Ever wonder why you mascara or MANscara (boys) dries up after only a short while!?
Why you have dry/clumpy lashes that flake?
Or have taranchula eyes!?
Because YOU must be a PUMPER!
We once were victims of this tacky look, but thanks to this short bit tip, we dont look like this anymore:
To avoid this look, DO NOT PUMP YOUR MASCARA! Simply pretend that you are swiping mayo for you mask that we have suggested in our blog down below.. ;) Yes, scraping the side of your mascara tube will load up your brush with product and apply generously. Pumping your mascara like a handjob will only put air into your mascara causing it to dry out quickly. We personally suggest to renew your favorite mascara every 4-6 weeks, for those fabulous lashes to look their best. Our favorite mascaras are MACs ZOOMLASH, MACs H2O proof BACKSPLASH and LOREALs VOLUMOUS mascara.


suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

Yay a post! I was wondering when was the next time you were going to blog again! Love your newest video! <333

RicoLovesMAC said...

lol i couldnt help but laugh at the "handjob" remark.

yummy411 said...

the best tip to go with this post: if you pull out (since we are talking in cheeky terms) and you hear a dull suck sound.. your mascara is dry, but if you pull out and there is a juicy sucking sound, your mascara is still in good shape! ;)

diana said...

I keep telling all my girls the same thing but they don't believe me. haha.

Anonymous said...


I haven't heard about the H2O mascara???? Is it new???

Anonymous said...

Tammy Faye is dead, have some respect for the deceased and get this off of your page home girl.