Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanks! I got it at Fred Segal...

So, a little off the subject of make-up...

The Fred Segal white lie.

Wanna come off as a hip, fashion forward trendsetter? Next time someone compliments you on what you're wearing (whatever it may be) answer with, "Thanks! I got it a Fred Segal." Trust us, you'll get major fashion points. Lets role play...
Lets say Marissa is at Target and finds a cute necklace for $10.98. She buys it, rocks it and Jose takes notice of Marissa's new necklace.

Jose- "Girl, I love your necklace!"

Marissa- "Thanks!, I got in a Fred Segal."

What came first!? Chicken or the Egg!?

YES! We'd like to thank you all for following us here as we continue this wonderful little journey. (Holler!) The picture has nothing to do with this little blog, but RissRoser just was wondering if she should bang it back to BANGS? LOL And not to mention Joser looks muy caliente. Joser, I love this hair on you!!

So as a curious artist and trying to break outta my shell, RissRoserandJoser here, are exploring. I reasssure my subbies that they dont have to have MAC. So join us as we TRY NEW THINGS. I love the high pigment and sparkle. But I also love my mattes. I want you all to take this little trial and error escapade with me. So, for our followers, what else is out there? I have taken a look at Spell Cosmetics. It looks super fun! Im taking a huge liking to the sparkle those little bad boys have. But me, Im not so much of an online shopper. You all know me and color, and if you all take a look at the website, it looks like high pigment. The Coastal Scents pallette looks like skittles! I wanna taste the rainbow! Not so much the shimmer pallette, the regular one I guess. I cant do too much shimmer. Again, online stuff that I hesitate to buy! I like to try stuff out in person, ya know? Who feels me!?

A couple things before signing off:

  • Bundle up its getting chili!
  • Remember to blow then blend
  • If you dont have SKETCH, ur a dummy
  • Say your prayers before bed
  • Drink a Bacardi & OJ for a late breakfast
  • Be a good friend and tell ur friends when they look like shit

Friday, October 17, 2008

*The Skinny Bitch*

  1. Grab your favorite (LARGE) glass.
  2. Add Plenty of crushed or cubed ice.
  3. Pour 1/3 or (what we prefer) 1/2 of BACARDI.
  4. Fill the rest of glass with DIET COKE.
  5. Stir with straw.
  6. Enjoy.


If you ever catch us out together, feel free to join us with one. Or even better, buy is one. If you are an alcoholic thats gaining weight, switch to this. Girl!? Are you going out every weekend and even the weekdays?! And are you having muffin top!? Then heres the answer. Drink skinny bitches all night. You might become a bit happier as well as sluttier.

*WARNING: Do not text while drinking skinny bitches. Things are a bit more dramatic then what they seem. Bring a friend who will help you walk. DEL TACO WILL HELP SOBER U UP.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Little Disclaimer...

SO... neither of us are English majors. with that said, please excuse the following-
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation 
  • Language 
ALSO... We're a little full of ourselves. with that said, please excuse the following-
  • Excessive pictures of us
  • Blogs about our crazy stories
  • Inside jokes, random sayings, and shout-outs to BACARDI

A lil history.

The good ol' MAC days. This was probably right after christmas of 06. RissRoser and Joser were thrown onto the MAC sales floor of the crazy christmas shoppers in 05. THE SAME DAY! Not only did they grow together to learn the towers of lipgloss and rows of eyeshadows, they grew together as friends. With previous experience at Aveda and intense Freelance Make-up Gigs, Joser landed his job at MAC. RissRoser on the other hand, was a cocktail server at a nightclub in Palm Desert, CA. She previously did make-up in Las Vegas since the age of 18.
So, you are gonna ask...HOW DO I GET A JOB AT MAC? WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE? WHAT DO I WEAR? WHAT EXPERIENCE? The answer is..... RissRoser and Joser knew NO ONE. They both applied. They both were very eager to work for MAC, just like the rest you who would die to have the job. AMBITION and the drive will get you the job. The biggest part is not to be intimidated. BITCH SLAP yourself in the face and write a resume.
RissRoser no longer works there, but Joser does. He's fierce with the strokes of his #217. You can find him at the counter or at his local bar. RissRoser finds Joser to be great with the brows!



Hands down this is our absolute must-have. Packed with caffeine and optical diffusers this is the perfect pick-me-up for those nasty bags under your eyes. Think of it as Starbucks for your peepers. The silky texture dries in seconds allowing you to move on with your make-up routine quickly. Another great thing about this product is it doubles as a base for your eyeshadow. It grabs pigment really good and keeps your shit crease-proof all day. Oh, and if you've ever partied too hard the night before use this shit all over your face! Gets rid of "puffy face" quick. It works...TRUST US.

-It retails for $28.50 for a 0.5 OZ tube and should last about 2-3 months.

Has anybody tried Fast Response? Let us know!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Rissroser here... So i hit my 4k mark. fabulous. im pretty amazed at all the love that i get from my viewers. most of which are all dedicated. i've kinda stepped away from all the make up in the videos and actually started to speak my mind, which have made my videos a bit more exciting. No? And for those of you who are following josers and i's blog, we love you and will answer nay questions you have.. as long as they are on the mojority scale.. or if they are fun ones!! we love RANDOM!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Found some random pictures before she became YouTube's sweetheart... ENJOY KITTENS

Friday, October 10, 2008


Ok so first of this is me yesterday.. ahhahah putting some "dia de los muerts" inspired looks on the girls! so cuute. they were making faces in the mirror after this!

Anyways.. I have not yet registered to vote.. Well most of you do not know that I dont really get into that whole politics this. Its not my style.. I dont complain therefore I dont get involved. But my Bfs "hetero lifemate" JT kinda enlightened me. A very well spoken person who is stubborn and set on his ways, just influenced me to vote. I am still not registered, but will be very soon! If I can do my part as a citizen, then please follow me and register and vote.

Enough about that!! soooo... MAC has these pearliners. i love mine. I got the one that is black.l Forgot the name already.. But its a great everyday use. Its waterproo.(so they say) but it does the job. I just like how its not the truest of black, so when i do my night or going out looks with my black eyeliner, i can tell the difference!!

Also, ANNOUNCEMENT... This is only been announced here on our blog!!! RISSROSE2 is going to be holding a seminar. Imma start creating my buzz on it. planning for late jan or early feb. So start saving your pockt money. Cause you are gonna plan for a trip to vegas.. I have tons of ideas and I know that this will be so much fun! a day funfilled and with plenty of playing with make up. JOSER will be there ofcourse as well as some of the others that you see in my youtubes!!<3

Monday, October 6, 2008


Rissroser here.... Im getting used to this thing.. So this is like an online diary!? lol go figure... most of you are going to know me from my YOUTUBE videos, so Im sure that you can picture me speaking out loud.. ahhaaha.. i like that. Anywho.. BACK AND FORTH. Fuck, I was supposed to be in CALI for 3 days and ended up staying for like 10 days hahahaa. fuuuuuck.. but hey, i got to hand out with JOSER! you can see the video on my YOUTUBE channel. Oh and he gaveme make up. I loved it! What a dirty slut. I love him! Im headed back to cali tomorrow after a gig that I have at 1pm. (simple smokey eye look) Then im Cali bound again.. FOR THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!! hells yea!... okay i think that im done here.. I gotta go pack. I love you all my subbies. And to the ones who lurk on my videos and dont comment.. haha I love you too!<3 Peace love and HIP HOP..