Thursday, October 16, 2008

A lil history.

The good ol' MAC days. This was probably right after christmas of 06. RissRoser and Joser were thrown onto the MAC sales floor of the crazy christmas shoppers in 05. THE SAME DAY! Not only did they grow together to learn the towers of lipgloss and rows of eyeshadows, they grew together as friends. With previous experience at Aveda and intense Freelance Make-up Gigs, Joser landed his job at MAC. RissRoser on the other hand, was a cocktail server at a nightclub in Palm Desert, CA. She previously did make-up in Las Vegas since the age of 18.
So, you are gonna ask...HOW DO I GET A JOB AT MAC? WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE? WHAT DO I WEAR? WHAT EXPERIENCE? The answer is..... RissRoser and Joser knew NO ONE. They both applied. They both were very eager to work for MAC, just like the rest you who would die to have the job. AMBITION and the drive will get you the job. The biggest part is not to be intimidated. BITCH SLAP yourself in the face and write a resume.
RissRoser no longer works there, but Joser does. He's fierce with the strokes of his #217. You can find him at the counter or at his local bar. RissRoser finds Joser to be great with the brows!


Spell Cosmetics said...

You guys both ROCK!!! Great --Awesome Backstory!!!!

Much love, Elle

Anonymous said...

love the contacts!!! What kind are they?!? ahhh blue eyes!



TechniqColour said...

jose looks skinny and hottt

yummy411 said...

I LOVE the #217!!!