Monday, January 5, 2009


So a couple days ago I (Joser) had a friend spill her secret to me... She was using her morning pee as an acne as an acne treatment. WTF?! Sounds like something one of my crazy tia would tell me. If you're Mexican you know you have a crazy tia/abula that would tell you to do some crazy shit like this.

So can urine clear acne?! kinda gross, but we googled it.

We found this on WikiAnswers

Yes it can. 
While it is a popular misconception that urine is a source of bacteria and bodily waste, urine from a healthy person is actually completely sterile. It contains an impressive amount of components, including amino acids, proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones, as well as many non-organic substances such as chloride, phosphorus, sulphur, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, lead and mercury.
After all, urine has been used since Aztec and Egyptian times as a medical applicant, renowned for its healing properties, especially on open wounds and 'visible diseases' (acne is classed as a disease).
Precautions must be taken though of the kind of urine used. While drinking a lot of water results in clear urine (diluted), the most ideal colour is that of a healthy bright yellow, as the urine is more concentrated in this state and will have a more powerful effect. Also, when taking ones own urine for application, it is best to collect it mid-stream (onto a cotton ball/pad for example), as this means that any (unlikely) impurities are washed out as the urine exits the body during the first few seconds.
Application works best in the morning, and especially at night before going to bed, as the body and face relaxes, letting the urine react better.
Note: After the urine has been applied to the face, leave it to soak for at least 10 minutes before rinsing it off clear.
Depending on the skin type of course, this treatment should show results within a few days. Of course, as with any cleaning regimen, continued application is recommended to find out if it works effectively.

HMMM.... We may just have to throw away our Proactiv. 

HERRO KITTY part deux

Guess what we found on another blog... and borrowed it to share with you guys... MEOW!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Are you a PUMPER!?

Ever wonder why you mascara or MANscara (boys) dries up after only a short while!?
Why you have dry/clumpy lashes that flake?
Or have taranchula eyes!?
Because YOU must be a PUMPER!
We once were victims of this tacky look, but thanks to this short bit tip, we dont look like this anymore:
To avoid this look, DO NOT PUMP YOUR MASCARA! Simply pretend that you are swiping mayo for you mask that we have suggested in our blog down below.. ;) Yes, scraping the side of your mascara tube will load up your brush with product and apply generously. Pumping your mascara like a handjob will only put air into your mascara causing it to dry out quickly. We personally suggest to renew your favorite mascara every 4-6 weeks, for those fabulous lashes to look their best. Our favorite mascaras are MACs ZOOMLASH, MACs H2O proof BACKSPLASH and LOREALs VOLUMOUS mascara.