Friday, July 10, 2009


Yessss indeedy! Finally RissRose got a TWITTER!! After much thought I decided to cram some more networking into my busy schedule! But its easy right!? All I gotta do is tell you all whats going on with me at that very moment.. which I think is very cool!I know some of your lovers message me and wonder if I've fallen off the face of the earth!! When in reality Im just sooo super busy!! So, here you guys/gals go... follow!

I know this blog has been kinda lame, but atleast you can still come and have some type of literature to read, que no!? LMAO! Since this blog is exclusive, below are some pictures that I havent posted.. They are of me and the girls and some of things that I have been up to. I am enjoying the fruits of life and climbing up the independant ladder. Im very happy at this moment and am glad to share this all with you! I constantly recieve mail from all of you and am so very lucky to have you all be there to laugh at my corny jokes and spastic personality! Also, in the midst of it all, I have managed to inspire some of you!! And I love it all! Thank you for all of your support!! I love you all!! Follow me on twitter!!

The girls got school shots this day! KINDERGARDEN!

The shark reef at Mandalay Bay!

I got to spend time with my sister! Finally.

And ofcourse, a girls night out at XS!