Thursday, November 20, 2008


Tis much is true! The people I surround myself with are the people who help make me. Although I feel that I am my own person, a piece of me comes thru the people that I hang with. And to all of the sweethearts that are on my youtube... you guys just top it off.. Would I be making videos without your girls' support? nope. Probably not. And since I havent had my camera I have recieved numerous messages checking to see if Im ok! Its so great to have girlfriends around the globe! Thank you all for your donations to help me get a new camera.. being a single mother is a bit rough, but things always get better! And you girls are to thank!! My tutorials are successful because of you and I have the best time!! I love to hang out with you girls on ustream and livevideo.
Also I am finally heading back to Las Vegas on saturday. Talk about an extended stay! hahaha. Oh well, I dont know when Im going to be able to come here to the desert to see my BF and friends.. Work is gonna be pretty busy for me! Anywho., Ill be back soon on youtube soon.. I cant wait!! I think I need to do like 5 more live tutorials to get to my final goal!!<3

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My RED LIGHT special

Well this will be my version of it. A nice, private, intimate make up session with me! I have figured out a way to get some of my friends a more intense make up lesson. I have gotten so many questions about make up schools and complaints about the costs. So if you have a web cam, this would be perfect for you to get some private lessons.... I am going to teach technique and we will be doing looks together! Smokey eyes, natural eyes, dramatic colors.. Or even a detailed tutorial on one of the looks ive already done. I will be doing this 2 ways.. One will be on ustream, but a private chat. Invited guest only. Or I will be doing one on ones over aim. Ustream chats will be $5 and private one on ones will be $20. Pretty cheap if you ask me. All will be paid thru my paypal account. Which I will post below.......
Someone already got all "crybaby" and was like, "You mean to say you are going to charge us to watch you on Ustream?" "Geez nothing in life is free, not even Marissa!" LOL. C'mon now girls! How much time have I dedicated to writing back, making tutorials, and doing live shows? Im soley charging for private lessons. Live tutorials. Detailed step by steps. Ill still be doing ustreams for fun and we can talk about make up and talk about other crap with Jose and Ray.. So dont get bent outta shape. The holidays are coming (HI, single mom) and I figured I could get to know some of you a bit better<3
If interested you can message me at
SERIOUS inquiries please.

Monday, November 3, 2008

* I know I can..... BE WHAT I WANNA BE*

IMAGINE this being you!?! In the spotlight, signing autographs, being exploited, partying the night away, admired by so many, yet hated by just as much... Dont you wish you were at every red carpet event!? I know I do. Big time. A position where my face and name were in lights. EVERY WHERE. But then, you gotta sit down and think.... who are you!? You sit here and wish you were this, and you were that... BUT.... dont spend your life wishing you were someone else, it'll waste the person you are. And that is how I have become that person I am. I can be the girl in this very picture, but without all the flashing lights. (ALthough I wouldnt mind it one bit!) I inspire so many thru 10 min. vids... I am able to CHANGE THE WORLD ONE FACE AT A TIME. Its my part in this world. Its what I can do to make this world a better place to live in. And by not wasting the person I am, I am making a difference and thanking the man up above for molding me. As should all of you. Even the haters, where would we be without you!? eh??

Lately I have really been soaking up all of the mail/messages that I have recieved. Since my Dez got sick, I've had to catch up on it. But a lot of it was GET WELL messages. My subbies forgot about my videos that they watch everyday and snapped into family mode. It meant a lot to me. I am ever so very grateful. Not only have I made friends and admirers, I have made family. ;) And if you are reading this, you either are one of my subbies, a blog follower, a friend, or a fuckin lurker who loves to hate me;) Either way, I truly love you all. The past 3 months of me making videos on YOUTUBE have changed me. Ive found my groove. I inspire. You know why!? Because I have passion for what I love and what I love is triggered by passion. And that is my art. My make up. My daughters. My BF. and all of YOU! THANK YOU!

So in closing, I would like to remind everyone that you are made the way you are on PURPOSE! Embrace it. Even if it is a snobby brat. You will find out why you are put on this earth. My loves, go be what you want! Fuck up over and over again. Thats how you learn. I know that I went thru tons of shit to get where I am at. Give women a good name and be strong! I love you all.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Isnt this just a fabulous visual!? I just love shit like this and I thought that I, Rissroser, would share some of my inspirations. Yes I know that none of my looks look like that, but my looks have a very exciting feel of glitter, color and dramatic feels to them such as these. My thing is to take something very exteme and turn it into an everyday/night look. And so far it works. You just gotta open up your mind and try it on. MAKE UP COMES OFF! So you can just dust yourself off and try it again! (I love when I say that. It makes me giggle and tingle


Thats right!! "itsjudytime" came to LAS VEGAS! Its was so great to meet someone off of youtube. What a sweetheart Judy is! Its kinda funny to meet people in person. I was much taller than her. Originally 5'7", I was wearing 6 inch heels that night. lol. I might have been crouching in the picture above. One of the days that she was in town, she came over to my house and talked some make up. GREAT FUN! Thanks Judy for making in down!
Also in update, Elle from SPELL COSMETICS, dropped me a little "something something" in the mail. WOW! My first review on another product other than MAC. First of all i love how smoothly her lipgloss goes on! SMITTEN KITTEN would def. be a must have. I wore it today over a matte orange lipstick. Although the lipgloss is of a golden chocolate color, its not high in pigment, so it can go over just about anything!! Its also great alone. Its been in my bag since i recieved my package, and I'm leaving it in my bag! It goes with everything! lol. She also sent me some eyeshadows and a BOMB chola nail color! All to be seen soon in a video!! Thanks so much Elle! And ladies, if you do get something from spell cosmetics, tell Elle I sent cha!