Saturday, November 1, 2008


Isnt this just a fabulous visual!? I just love shit like this and I thought that I, Rissroser, would share some of my inspirations. Yes I know that none of my looks look like that, but my looks have a very exciting feel of glitter, color and dramatic feels to them such as these. My thing is to take something very exteme and turn it into an everyday/night look. And so far it works. You just gotta open up your mind and try it on. MAKE UP COMES OFF! So you can just dust yourself off and try it again! (I love when I say that. It makes me giggle and tingle


Thats right!! "itsjudytime" came to LAS VEGAS! Its was so great to meet someone off of youtube. What a sweetheart Judy is! Its kinda funny to meet people in person. I was much taller than her. Originally 5'7", I was wearing 6 inch heels that night. lol. I might have been crouching in the picture above. One of the days that she was in town, she came over to my house and talked some make up. GREAT FUN! Thanks Judy for making in down!
Also in update, Elle from SPELL COSMETICS, dropped me a little "something something" in the mail. WOW! My first review on another product other than MAC. First of all i love how smoothly her lipgloss goes on! SMITTEN KITTEN would def. be a must have. I wore it today over a matte orange lipstick. Although the lipgloss is of a golden chocolate color, its not high in pigment, so it can go over just about anything!! Its also great alone. Its been in my bag since i recieved my package, and I'm leaving it in my bag! It goes with everything! lol. She also sent me some eyeshadows and a BOMB chola nail color! All to be seen soon in a video!! Thanks so much Elle! And ladies, if you do get something from spell cosmetics, tell Elle I sent cha!


eyecon1219 said...
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eyecon1219 said...

what the hell ! idk what happened and how my comment got deleted ! it says i did it but i didn't lols. WHATEVER, first off let me just say THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning me in your video ! it really means a lot to me yay ^^. second, if you're ever in NYC hit me up girl ! i'm from NYC HOLLERRRRRRRRRRR HAHA. and the last things is you and judy look so pretty in the picture ! it looked like you guys had lots of fun~ and if i go to vegas again i would def. like to meet up with you nah means lols. alright girl, take care. love you marissa<3 (so corny lols). :D

Miss Undastood said...

OMG...two of my fav youtube MUA's in the same place. I am a subscriber to bothof your channels. Nice to see youtube bringing people together. You two look great and if I go to Vegas hun, you besta (yes I said besta) show your subscriber around!! LOL. Love Ya lots and all Ya work